Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another Day

Hello my kawaii potato chips!

Don't ask me why I labeled you guys as potato chips... because I'm guessing that's what I'm craving right now? =_= So how are you guys doing and what are you currently craving? It is 10:54AM as I start this blog entry and have no idea what to write about. I'm the type of person that just goes ahead and do things without planning or brainstorming. I just write what I feel like writing and what's on my mind at the moment.

So, this week is going on normally. I have dance tonight and tomorrow night as usual. The thing is, I have to do this Physical Fitness test on Friday. I am insanely out of shape.. you have no idea. =__= I can't do any push ups, and I'm probably the slowest runner you've ever seen. It's not like I'm fat or anything, I just have no muscles (technically not true, but..). The PE test is optional, but my parents are making me go. I was supposed to be training for it or whatever, but I never really got the chance (more like I didn't want to get my lazy butt off this chair).


Oh, right! I finally got my hair cut. Yey! I wanted to get it like Bubzbeauty, but my hair's sadly not long enough. I need at least four more inches, and then I'll be able to cut the layers right. So for now, I just have to stick with pretty much the same hairstyle, but my hair is thinner than before. It's because my layers were cut in a different way; I am so happy. Seriously. I'm loving my new style (even though it might not seem different at all), and I'm planning to let my straight-across-sterotypical-asian-bangs that I had for 2 years grow longer lol. =)

I was wondering what date it was today and I just realized that my birthday is coming up! I don't really need anything. I have the basic essentials. Food, a bed, and clothes. What else would I need? I'm trying to stay humble and not want anything. It's part of my New Year Resolutions! Remember those? I'm struggling on a lot of them, but as long as I catch up with them, no big deal right?

Bubzbeauty's Hairstyle

Bubzbeauty is truly inspirational, and even though she's just a normal girl, I really look up to her. She is definitely my role model, and I agree with her beliefs as well. I commend her for being able to be strong about her faith as a Christian. She's given me the courage to do just the same! I would be so much different if it wasn't for her, and I wouldn't know all the beauty tricks and hairstyles she has shared with us. I wish her good health and am glad that her hard work has paid off as a beauty guru. I love you Bubz! =D<3

So, I'm about to head out to run some errands soon since I'm finished with my homework for today. I want to stay home and watch more Korean dramas, but that's not happening. =/ Seeking Love has gotten better I have to say! The guy is still so gullible and his personality can be a little irritating, but at least I know why he has been so annoying. Even if it's because he believes everything he's told... never mind lol. You'll have to watch the drama! ^__^

Whitney Houston

So as everyone already knows, Whitney Houston has passed away. I was shocked, and so was everyone else. Now a lot people are questioning how her death came to be, and people say it's because of her excessive dose of drugs. Whatever it was, she will be greatly missed. Whitney is a true inspiration to me and all women out there. There are singers that have amazing talent just like her, but it's only Whitney that I've seen sing with such strong and passionate emotion. I tear up whenever I think she's gone, but I also remember that she wouldn't want us to be sad of her leaving us. Whitney Houston, we love you forever and always. We will never forget you.

Whitney Houston

I also want to share a video of a cover of the same song "I Will Always Love You" done by Christina Grimmie. She's done an amazing job! I hope you love it, and don't start crying like a baby like I did. ^_^ Have a wonderful day! 

Christina Grimmie Cover

We will always love you Whitney!!

Much love, Anzu xx

Thursday, February 16, 2012

New and Old

Hello my lovelies!

How are my viewers? I am doing well; I'm learning new things everyday! =) It is currently 4:03PM and it is quiet in my house. I am sorry that I have not been posting every single day. I either forget or my laziness takes over. Lol... So I have a lot to talk about! Let's get started.

It's the usual, but how was your Super Bowl? I'm not a huge fan of football, but I watched the half show and the second half of the game. I went to a Super Bowl party and watched it at a friend's. So for the first half of the game I ate lots of food and I walked a couple times around the neighborhood with my friend. We're girls, we don't watch football. =P We played card games though and overall, it was pretty fun.

Super Bowl 2012

Did your Valentine's go well? Mine was okay I guess. Just a normal day! The drama I am currently watching is called Seeking Love. I have tried watching it once before, but I was like um, no. So I tried watching it again the other day, and I have to say that I'm opening up to it. The main guy character is really irritating though, and he is the worst actor I have ever seen. Ever. At first, I was like "He's cute" lol. The girl is so pretty hahah. I love her hair! ^__^ I hope this drama gets better soon! I already know how it's going to end, but each drama is a little different I guess.

Seeking Love

I have been french braiding my hair in piggy tails a lot lately. If you leave it in long enough, it creates the prettiest waves. I prefer to wear it to sleep, but you can wear this hairstyle out too. I usually wear it for 8 hours maximum. I attempted to do it yesterday, but I only kept them in for a couple hours so it really didn't do anything. I wanted my hair wavy for dance practice, but I ended up not going.

Despite how I say "I don't want to go to dance tonight" each morning, I'm sad I missed out. =( I'm guessing no one realized I was absent anyway. So the reason I couldn't go to the studio is because I had a thing come up at school. I think it's the first time I skipped out. What can I say? The tuition is really expensive... I feel guilty now. =/

Rainbow French Braid

This is what a french braid looks like. I thought her hair looked pretty cool. =) I hope everyone likes this blog post! Thank you so much for reading. ^__^  I discovered an amazing store on YouTube today (Yes, YouTube has everything). It is called Fortnum & Mason and it is located in London. I love the people's British accents. <3 Their channel is very interesting! My favorite video of theirs is how they make their Rose Petal Jelly. I really want to make this; I want to go to this store someday~

Take care everyone!

Much love, Anzu xx

Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine's Day!

It's coming up!

Valentine's Day! In a lot of countries, including Japan and Korea, it is where girls give handmade chocolates to the guy they like. Confessions, I love yous, and a lot of hearts. Everything is supposed to be pink and girly. I wish! Reality is, most girls just look forward to the candy and dressing up frilly. It's on a Tuesday this year; what's romantic about that?

Sorry for the negative feelings! We can still dream right? Hehe... So! A drama I am watching right now is called The Greatest Love. It's cute, but the characters can be annoying. I love the guy in this drama, he's hilarious. His name is Doko Jin and he has such a "unique" personality. This drama is really goofy and cute! I'm loving it so far! Not as much as the drama My Lovely Samsoon though.

What is your favorite part of Valentine's Day? The dressing up, confessing, or chocolates? I personally love chocolates (lol personally). No matter what kind! What about you? Unless you're allergic to it, how can you not love all the sweets that come with a valentine? ^_^

Next week is Valentine Week at my dance studio! So we get to dress up in "Valentine attire". It will be so fun! I don't even think I have any "Valentine attire", but I will try to find something lol. I always forget about holidays so I usually end up missing the fun. =/ It's pretty nice to have something to look forward to, but I don't really get the purpose of Valentine's Day. I guess it doesn't matter! My friends would say, "Who cares?". =)

Cute. Would I wear it? If I had a date! Miracles do happen right?

Would you have the guts to confess to the guy you like? I don't! I've done it when I was just a little kid, and the boy made fun of me. He told everyone that he would go out with me if I said yes. I did. He just laughed at me and told me it was a joke. =( Jerk. Don't let that bring you down though! If you know you truly like this guy, and you know for sure that he's a great person, go for it! You never know until you try! Don't be a wimp like me. ^_~

Okay, I have to say that this is my most favorite video of Michelle Phan's. It's called The Sweetest Thing. It's actually a makeup tutorial, but she has a storyline with it. It's very cute and, well... sweet! At first, I was going to post up a music video or one of Bubzbeauty's, but this just has the Valentine feel don't you think? ^_^ It fits the theme. One day I will try this lovely spring look. =)

Hope you love, comment, and follow! I love you guys for just viewing my blog. Thank you so much!!

Have a wonderful, love-filled Valentine's Day!

Love, Anzu xxx