Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another Day

Hello my kawaii potato chips!

Don't ask me why I labeled you guys as potato chips... because I'm guessing that's what I'm craving right now? =_= So how are you guys doing and what are you currently craving? It is 10:54AM as I start this blog entry and have no idea what to write about. I'm the type of person that just goes ahead and do things without planning or brainstorming. I just write what I feel like writing and what's on my mind at the moment.

So, this week is going on normally. I have dance tonight and tomorrow night as usual. The thing is, I have to do this Physical Fitness test on Friday. I am insanely out of shape.. you have no idea. =__= I can't do any push ups, and I'm probably the slowest runner you've ever seen. It's not like I'm fat or anything, I just have no muscles (technically not true, but..). The PE test is optional, but my parents are making me go. I was supposed to be training for it or whatever, but I never really got the chance (more like I didn't want to get my lazy butt off this chair).


Oh, right! I finally got my hair cut. Yey! I wanted to get it like Bubzbeauty, but my hair's sadly not long enough. I need at least four more inches, and then I'll be able to cut the layers right. So for now, I just have to stick with pretty much the same hairstyle, but my hair is thinner than before. It's because my layers were cut in a different way; I am so happy. Seriously. I'm loving my new style (even though it might not seem different at all), and I'm planning to let my straight-across-sterotypical-asian-bangs that I had for 2 years grow longer lol. =)

I was wondering what date it was today and I just realized that my birthday is coming up! I don't really need anything. I have the basic essentials. Food, a bed, and clothes. What else would I need? I'm trying to stay humble and not want anything. It's part of my New Year Resolutions! Remember those? I'm struggling on a lot of them, but as long as I catch up with them, no big deal right?

Bubzbeauty's Hairstyle

Bubzbeauty is truly inspirational, and even though she's just a normal girl, I really look up to her. She is definitely my role model, and I agree with her beliefs as well. I commend her for being able to be strong about her faith as a Christian. She's given me the courage to do just the same! I would be so much different if it wasn't for her, and I wouldn't know all the beauty tricks and hairstyles she has shared with us. I wish her good health and am glad that her hard work has paid off as a beauty guru. I love you Bubz! =D<3

So, I'm about to head out to run some errands soon since I'm finished with my homework for today. I want to stay home and watch more Korean dramas, but that's not happening. =/ Seeking Love has gotten better I have to say! The guy is still so gullible and his personality can be a little irritating, but at least I know why he has been so annoying. Even if it's because he believes everything he's told... never mind lol. You'll have to watch the drama! ^__^

Whitney Houston

So as everyone already knows, Whitney Houston has passed away. I was shocked, and so was everyone else. Now a lot people are questioning how her death came to be, and people say it's because of her excessive dose of drugs. Whatever it was, she will be greatly missed. Whitney is a true inspiration to me and all women out there. There are singers that have amazing talent just like her, but it's only Whitney that I've seen sing with such strong and passionate emotion. I tear up whenever I think she's gone, but I also remember that she wouldn't want us to be sad of her leaving us. Whitney Houston, we love you forever and always. We will never forget you.

Whitney Houston

I also want to share a video of a cover of the same song "I Will Always Love You" done by Christina Grimmie. She's done an amazing job! I hope you love it, and don't start crying like a baby like I did. ^_^ Have a wonderful day! 

Christina Grimmie Cover

We will always love you Whitney!!

Much love, Anzu xx

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