Friday, March 2, 2012

Doot Doot Doot...

Hello my sweet apple pies!

Yes, apple pie is what I am craving at the moment! It is the reason why I am sipping on some apple juice... okay random. I was extremely bored so I decided to write up a new blog post. It is currently 9:17PM which is the latest I've ever posted or even thought of posting. I hope you don't mind that I might post this entry tomorrow (March 3, 2012) instead of tonight. I don't know, maybe. I usually go
to sleep early, but not because I want to. I'd pull an all-nighter if I could.

So how is everyone doing? I am doing good! I had a birthday recently so all the congratulating makes me feel special. =) How do you like to spend your birthdays? A special night with your boyfriend/girlfriend, a nice dinner with family, movies with your closest friends, or a wild party with... I don't know. Fail. Well, just make sure it's safe and don't get high or drunk. =P Especially for the ones who are underage. I went out for a fancy dinner with my family, and I got treated out to ice cream. It was nice lol.

Oh, by the way. I ended up not going to my school's Physical Fitness testing because of personal reasons. I'm actually pretty happy that I didn't go, but for some reason I'm bummed out at the same time. At least I didn't have to embarrass myself by running the mile the slowest and experience an epic fail with the push ups. The more that I imagine it in my head, the more I think, "THANK GOD."

I really wanted to try these French Macarons for my birthday. I have posted a video of a makeup tutorial inspired by them in a previous blog post. Michelle Phan went to Paris and got to taste them herself. I hear they're delicious and they are pretty popular these days. When I told my dad, he thought they were "macaroons" which are American cookies (biscuits I guess?). Oh well! There is a big difference though. They look so cute and I'd love to taste one of these!

I have found an awesome way to get rid of blackheads! I just discovered the tutorial video today, and it is very inexpensive and effective! I have tried it myself and it dries faster than pore strips. This may not work for those with sensitive skin. You can test it on an area of your arm. Here is the link to the video.. sorry if it is not the best quality!

Okay, so I also saw a video today by a girl I subscribed to on YouTube. Her YouTube name is x3Hahah and she posted a video about her [Yumart] Fashion Haul and Review/Giveaway. As I kept watching the video, I realized that the clothes and accessories from are REALLY cute. (Yumart sells authentic Taiwan brand items.) Of course, I'm broke and don't have any money so I decided to enter the giveaway. I hope I win! I fell in love with the website and the stuff that have on there. It is the very first giveaway I've ever entered.. super excited!
Recently, I've found a new K-Pop group called Brave Girls. I saw a video on YouTube of them practicing the choreography to their song (one of my favorites) "Do You Know". I will post the video down below and I hope you like this blog post! I'm in love with this choreography. These girls are so amazing, and I wish more and more people will discover their talent!


Take care everyone and good night~

I love you all! ^__^ Anzu xx

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