Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sorry I'm Late!

How many days has it been?

Gorgeous lovelies, I am so sorry I haven't been updating you in I don't know how long! Please forgive me!! It is 3:26PM as I lay on a beaten up mattress and write this blog post. I have so many things to tell you! I'll just give you the highlights. =)


Tsunami State Youth Conference was AMAZING! There were amazing speakers, bands, and singers. I learned so much, and it was an experience I can never forget. There were also classes called Hot Topics, a Tsunami Choir, and different Ministry Projects we could do. I felt touched, and it was an opportunity to touch others. The speakers that were there were Jeff Wallace and Billy Beachem; they were both amazing, humorous, and very likable people. It was extraordinary to see so many people come to Christ. Tsunami is for First Southern Baptist youths anyways.. and more! ^_^

I will also never forget my friends and the music there. There was Shonlock, Superchic[k], and Travis Ryan. My favorite was Travis, he leads worship at Saddleback Church. There was loud Christian music, great ministry, and over 2,000 kids from 6th-12th grade. Usually, there are over 5,000 people there; Daryl Watts, the person that runs Tsunami, said it will be called Ignition next year. He said Tsunami was "dead"; even though I don't particularly like that term, it is true. I'm happy I got to be at the last Tsunami!

Another thing that is news to you, is that I finally have gotten my first purity ring! I am so happy and was so excited to get it! I got it at the conference as a souvenir. When a girl wears a purity ring, she is telling everyone that she will not have sex until she gets married. It's a Christian thing lol, and it means that we made that promise with God. Sounds super religious, but not at all when you think about it. If you want a little more info on that, click the link below.

My purity ring is a silver, solid pewter ring and it says "Purity" on it. It has two butterflies on each side lol. It was $8.99 I believe? Super expensive, but it's pretty cheap compared to the other ones I see online. Mine is pretty simple; I don't need no fancy jewels hahah. =) Mine has a few scratches on it from taking a tag off with a large pocket knife; I'd say it's pretty unique now lol.  Here is a picture of what my ring looks like.

Bob Siemon Designs

Something has been seriously taking up my time ALL day today. After a very long time of wanting my dad to update my cracked iPhone 3G, I got fed up and tried to do it myself. I believe I started around 11AM. Since this is my first time doing it, it took me forever to find the right website to download the programs and firmwares that were needed.

After downloading redsn0w, iPhone1,2_4.2.1_8C148_Custom_Restore, iPhone1,2_4.2.1_8C148_Restore, and iTunes, I went on with the process of DFU mode. That also took me forever, because I didn't know how to do it correctly. It turns out I did all these extra steps so until I figured it out (it takes me awhile), it had already been over 2 hours. UGH.

Then, I started iTunes up and it is supposed to be restoring the software on my phone with iOS 4.2.1, but it is taking FOREVER and the little loading bars froze on me. Can this get any worse? I am so sorry to be complaining and whining right when I just started posting again... and with little children in third world countries starving. I'm just so frustrated! Grrrrrr....

How was your Christmas and New Years? Mine was great! I didn't do anything special for New Years though. I just watched movies with my dad 'till midnight on New Year's Eve and went over to a friend's for dinner on New Year's Day. It was nice. ^_^

I hope all of you will love and live and start anew! Make memories, goals, and much more! I know, I myself did not start off 2012 with the best attitude. Even if you feel like crap, smile and make resolutions. Try and make the best out of yourselves! Be creative, try new things, grow, and know you'll be okay in the year's come. Make new friends and make amends with old ones. =)

I love you guys so much! Know that you are never alone! May God truly bless you wherever you go. Please enjoy this winter makeup video by Bubzbeauty! I think this is one of my favorites. I really love this look! ^__^ Wish me luck on my iPhone... >_<

Take care!!!

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