Thursday, December 22, 2011

Excited Some More...

Hello my lovelies!

It is 9:01AM as I write up a blog post and my stomach growls. I am so hungry, but I am too lazy to get something to eat. That's bad right? Ugh... anyways! How is everyone doing? No one ever replies so I'm guessing you're doing well! I feel accomplished that I wrote another blog post in less than 4 days. =)

Live, Laugh, Love

I have a DIY mask on and it feels so cool and tingly. It is a yogurt and oatmeal mask with a teaspoon of lemon juice. I've been breaking out in acne bumps and pimples where I've never had them before. I'm a little worried so I just used a citrus scrub after I washed my face this morning, followed with a DIY mask. I don't have to worry about my skin drying out because yogurt is very moisturizing and soothing. ^_^

Today is my last day of school before winter break! Yehhh!!! The bad news is I have to do TONS of work today. =_= Oh, right! Last night, I had my Christmas dance performances and the only one that turned out okay was Ballet! It was really unexpected, but we got our music slowed down a bit so that helped a lot too. Lyrical was bad, and in Jazz, I was winging it lol. Our Jazz teacher had to be subbed in and we had to learn a new dance on the spot.

It reminds me, if you have ever watched the show Project Runway, Tim always says,  "Make it work." That is his line hahah. I remember trying to imitate him at one point. I used to always watch this show with my sister and dad. Good times =)

Three more days until Christmas! I'm still excited as ever, but we don't have any presents under our tree yet. =( My dad says he isn't done with his Christmas shopping; so as you can see, he does everything at the last minute lol. I can also tell he hasn't wrapped anything either because the two rolls of gift wrapping paper that we bought are still sitting in our dining room. Good news is that I was able to put up some ornaments and decorations on our tree last night; I will put on the rest either today or tomorrow.

I was so beat yesterday. I had many many errands to do so I was out the whole day, and then I had to go to my three dance classes in the evening. I'm glad I went so I could get over with the performances and I got candy lol. I'm a little sad winter break started today at my dance studio. =')
I just learned a new song to sing that is called Good Day by IU. It is so cute and girly, and I love the lyrics. I actually searched it up in English so I could understand the song. I finally am able to sing this, and I hope everyone will love her song Good Day too. Here is IU's music video!

Have a Good Day because I <3 U. ^_~

Much love, Anzu xx

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