Thursday, December 8, 2011


Hello my lovely cupcakes!

How is everyone doing? It is 12:47PM at the moment, and I wasn't going to post but it's already been three days since my last entry. This week has been more busy than usual; I still can't believe Christmas is almost here! I'm looking forward to it but at the same time I'm not?

Last night, I learned the rest of my Russian Nutcracker and it is SO HARD. I almost died. xD Couldn't believe the dance was under a minute; I think it just shows how fast and intense it is hahah. We only just learned our dance for Lyrical yesterday and we had a substitute Jazz teacher. Jazz was pretty hilarious.

We have a creepy large Santa doll that stands in one of the hallways in my dance studio. We brought it inside our Jazz class and made a choreography to the song Santa Baby while dancing with Santa... lol.

It's weird, I'm really talkative at home and with my close friends, but at my dance studio, I barely say a word. Everyone there thinks I'm the quiet type; they'd freak if they knew how I really am. Same visa versa. They both feel like the real me, I don't think there was one moment where I felt like I was acting like someone else. At least I don't have a split personality disorder.

Yesterday, I tried to make cupcakes out of modeling clay. The clay was made out of some type of plastic so it wouldn't even harden if I baked it. Ugh, I failed. I tried to make a Mario mushroom, but I failed at that too. =__=

I made a clay rose for my mom's Christmas present though. Shh! She doesn't know.. I have to make something for my dad and I need to get something more for both of them. I also need to get presents for my friends and my other family members. Ugh, the thing is that I don't have any money!! Also, I have A LOT of family members. My parents don't believe in allowances and I can't work for a few reasons. I don't know what to do; this is stressing me out too. Do you guys have any ideas? I NEED to earn money! Everyone just does so much for me. ='(

So guys, I finished watching Boys Over Flowers and it was A-ma-zing! Loved it. I wish it didn't have to end though. Now I am watching a Korean drama called Coffee Prince. It is just as cute and hilarious. Some characters really irritate me, but it would be weird if everything was perfect anyways. The main character, which is the heroine, is supposed to look like a boy. I wish she had just a TINY bit of femininity though. I am still in love with this show!! There are 17 episodes, I'm already on the 16th. =((

Here is the link to wikipedia's explanation of Coffee Prince:

So! I posted the music video for the Korean song Trouble Maker by Trouble Maker (Hyuna Kim and JS). Did you guys like it? ^_^ It gets better when you listen to it more. Now the 2nd song I mentioned was You and I by IU. Ugh I like love her now. Her voice, her hair, her innocence, her songs, and her music videos. =P Please enjoy!

I didn't get what the music video meant at first, but eventually I got it. ^_~ It is so cute, sweet, and lovely! Her lover fell into a coma and no matter what she did, he wouldn't wake up. She then looks into the future and sees her and her lover happy together. She loses her patience; she couldn't wait to be with him again. So, she builds a time machine and takes off into the future. At the moment she leaves, her lover wakes up. In the future they meet again, and they recognize each other. They finally get to be with each other in the end. =) <3

Have a wonderful day!

Much love, Anzu xx

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