Thursday, December 1, 2011


Hey guys!

I have great news! My mom didn't need surgery after all; it seems her brain is healing itself. Isn't that great?? Miracle! It is 9:40AM as I write this entry and eat a piece of pecan pie. Can you believe it is already December?? Christmas is crawling around the corner; I plan to make a post with a topic of Christmas soon, but I don't have any ideas on what to talk about! T__T

Just recently, I've figured out the number #1 thing I want for Christmas. I mean, I want it really really REALLY bad. I want a barrel curling iron!! The one where you don't have to clip your hair, but just wrap your hair around the iron for 10 seconds? My gosh I just wish I had one! NNNGHH!! Please bear with my whining and frustration for now lol. My parents won't let me use any heat tools so I'm out of luck. T_T I tried using hot water curlers yesterday on my hair just for fun.. it was way too hard! The clasps kept popping out (literally) because my hair is super thick. I spent over an hour or two just trying to use those.

I can curl my hair by braiding but it gives off crimped waves. I want big, soft, loose waves.. like the picture of Selena Gomez I showed you guys a couple posts ago. I can twist my hair too, but man it is a lot of work! =_= So those are the reasons I want a barrel curling iron; I think they're better than the other kinds. I hope Santa will be kind enough to give me one lol! xD

So how is everyone? Happy and not "pmsing" like me? My mind is blank right now.. lmao my dad would make a joke out of that. So, last night I had dance practice; I got a friend to give me a lift because my parents were out of town. I felt I was better at dancing than usual yesterday, but I have a feeling it's because all of the dances were super easy to all the other advanced dancers. We're supposed to come up with a Christmas dance and showcase it to either other classes or our parents. I'm going to practice extra hard this week!

Look at her toes!! So amazing...

I only learned recently that the classes I'm in are the most advanced classes that will be in our annual recital!! MY GOSH. I'm seriously stressed out and I feel the pressure weighing on me. The only other higher level classes are competition and technique.

We haven't really figured out a Christmas dance for lyrical, but we are learning a combination for Ballet and Jazz. In Ballet we're dancing to the Russian dance song? Lol... that's what we call it. For Jazz, we're dancing to I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus. Cute huh? The Ballet dance is so fast and a little hard though, we just need a lot more practice lol. The link to the Russian Nutcracker song is down below.

I have a Roku "box" connected to my TV that let's me watch stuff online on the screen. It's pretty cool, and I was looking at a website called Crunchyroll (random?) and I saw the famous Boys Over Flowers Korean drama! I always hear almost everyone talking about it! Like, "Oh that's the necklace that blah gave blah in Boys Over Flowers!" I don't remember their names lol.

I'm thinking um... what's Boys Over Flowers? The fans freaked out, so since I can finally watch it, I will try to figure out what's so great about the series! Be warned, I might come back all girly and say "Boys Over Flowers is so amazing! So kawaii! I love it!!". For some reason, visioning that is a little disturbing for me hahah.

I have to say a couple of the boys look cute, but they look a little gay. Lol I know, Anzu don't judge a book by it's cover! :X

Last week, I found another dancer that inspires me! She truly is an amazing dancer!! Her whole body is so fluid and her toes are like amazing. Her name is Megan Branch and this is my favorite dance of hers! She dances in the most gorgeous way being pretty and soft at one moment, and then she's fierce in the other. Loving you Megan!!

Hope everyone enjoyed my post!
Thank you for reading!

Much love, Anzu xx

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