Saturday, November 5, 2011

An Everyday Thing

Hi everyone! It's 2:46pm over here and I am exhausted. I just came home from Marshall's (department store) where I got a cute dress and I went to Carl's Junior to eat lunch. There was a strange smell lurking in the house. My mom was like, "What's that smell?". "It smells like soy sauce" I replied. Then we found a puddle of it all under my dining room table. This was my dog Bear's doing. e.e After cleaning that mess I decided to post up another blog entry. Sigh...

Yeah, that's right! Be guilty you bad doggy! >_< I just found this picture on the Internet, isn't he cute? Hehehe...

So this post will be about me once again. I'll need to get used to this... but I don't necessarily know if this blog will be a good thing or bad thing! Again, please guide me through this everyone! Do any of you have any ideas on how to get this blog more successful and out there? I'll definitely need help, I don't think I could do it on my own.

Did you enjoy the Asian Dream Song video I posted on my last blog? Wasn't it amazing? I love that piece so much. This time I will tell you about another person that inspires me. Her name is Hayley Westenra; she is Irish but I think she is from New Zealand. I love her voice, it just sounds so angelic. She inspires me, and she reminds me that if I work harder and practice more, I can get better in my singing. I am a soprano just like her, it feels great to just sing her songs. Hahah I'm such a nerd ^_~. I will post a video of her singing at the end of this blog post. So please look out for it!
I don't want to have more than one video in a blog post, but I'm so tempted to! >_< Grrr... My blog posts will be posted up daily or at least every couple days. It really depends on my mood, but I shouldn't live my life based on my feelings should I? ^_^

I didn't really do anything for Halloween except I went to this party and wore a shirt that said "Too Lazy to Get a Halloween Costume". Hahah that's ironic because I bought that shirt for my Halloween costume. Everyone liked my shirt, at my dance studio, little things like that. It was bright orange too, so people could see me a miles away =D No one's missing Anzu! The shirt that I bought is just like the ones shown here. My mom got the black one lol.

Sorry, the picture is a little blurry. I hope you can see what the shirt says though. Orange looks horrible on me, but it all worked out pretty well. Lol..... Sadly I didn't go trick-o-treating. It's not my thing, but it can really be fun. Aren't I boring. =/

So right now I'm just typing this blog entry, checking out some of my favorite websites, and well.. sitting. =P I've just realized that my previous blog post isn't very long, I'm so sorry everyone! I was just afraid that I'd make it too long and bore you out. But, I'm not even sure if anyone is really reading this.. God please help me lol.

Hey, can you guys believe its already November this year?! In 2011! Lmao yes, Anzu, in 2011.. In America, Thanksgiving is coming up very soon. And after that Christmas!! =D I love getting presents still hahah.. In Thanksgiving I love the food... and the thanksgiving of course! I will make a blog post soon just on Thanksgiving hopefully.

I'm on one of my most visited websites. It's a fashion based website where you can create your own templates that they call "sets". Cool huh? They also have different contests, groups, and you can "follow" other people or be "followed". I'll post a link down below. Feel free to roam around!

I have to go now! Thank you for reading my entry.. it still smells like soy sauce in here T_T
Here is that video I mentioned! First song I've sang and heard of hers. ^_^

Much love,

Anzu xx

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