Tuesday, November 8, 2011

No Worries~

Hi guys,

I was sucking on my chocolate See's Candy lollipop.. yum. I haven't had one in such a long time, I absolutely love them! They came with a couple of the mini baskets I got from an auction at my church! =) By the way, I take all my pictures on the same day as I post the entries because it's only best if I post updated pictures right?  

So how are you doing my awesome viewers? Still no followers, but no harm done! It's only the fifth day that my blog has been public anyways. Oh! I forgot to mention what time it is right now.. and it's not 3pm lol it is 12:24pm PT. Yes, I'm posting a little earlier today because you know, I just felt "I'm in the mood, so why not?". Today, I'll let you see my adorable dogs =) hehe I love them both, but they can be annoying and so bad!

I have two dogs named Bear and Ginger. I will tell you how I met them and what they are like, the details lol.. The first dog is Bear. He is 7 years old, born in March, and he is a Shetland Sheepdog. A Sheltie for short; Shelties look like a smaller version of Collies. He is a boy and neutered and he is so fluffy! =D I just love him to pieces, but trust me, he is such a bad dog!

Well, let's see.. when my parents and I are not home, he climbs onto our bar stools by the kitchen counter, gets ON the counter, and messes up our trash and steals our food. He looks for anything food and eats it :P. He also barks really loud.. a lot. Usually when someone drives by our house, a postman comes by, or someone just walks on our porch and knocks/rings door bell. Postmen are the ones he hates the most. Lol! And if you don't have his leash on properly outside, he'll be soo mean to other dogs and chase cars. I'm serious! The thing though, is that he is such a sweetheart inside the house. He just loves everyone, including kids. Sigh... I try to train him but, he does not want to listen lol. I still love him <3 He's my bubba~ ^_^

Here's a picture that I took of him this morning:

So fluuuffy! <3

The next dog is Ginger. She is 4 years old, born in (unknown), and she is a miniature dachshund. She is a sweetie just like Bear. She loves to play fetch and tug-o-war and trust me, she will not stop playing. She can go on for hours unless you ignore her, which is what I do. Lol poor Ginger. She is really energetic at one moment, and sleeping the next. She used to be really afraid of people when I first got her which was when she was 1 years old. Her previous owner never let her out of the house because they lived in an apartment. When we first saw her, she was over protective acting vicious and such. After the first day, we became good friends :').

She's a weird dog though hahah, she scents Bear's business outside every single time they go potty when Bear doesn't scent at all! She is really dominating of Bear even though she is smaller than him. Bear is truly a nice dog when it comes to Ginger, even though he is scared of her sometimes lmao. She like pounces him xD. They get along very well and you can't separate them. Ginger would never let Bear play fetch hahah, the only thing I can play with Bear is tug-o-war and I wrestle with him ;o. Ginger loves to snuggle, and she used to sleep with me until we got her own doggy bed last Christmas. Lol they're so spoiled!

Picture of Ginger I took this morning:

Lmao that's such a sexy pose huh? xD

I have the weirdest nicknames for them. For Bear: bubba, fluffy butt, boo boo, fluffy. For Ginger: Wienie, Wiener, Cutie kins, Stinker, Baby girl. Cute huh? Enough about doggies for now!

Would you like to know who my favorite YouTube singer is? Her name is Christina Grimmie! She is so talented in singing and piano and loves Zelda and Skrillex. Hahah I didn't know what both of those were at first, but they're pretty awesome. She went on tour with Selena Gomez last summer and released a new album. She certainly became an Internet sensation! Her account name is zeldaxlove64. Check out her YouTube channel!

Here is one of my favorite videos of hers! Enjoy~ TEAM GRIMMIE RAWWKS!

Take care everyone,

Much love, Anzu xx

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