Monday, November 14, 2011


I'm so sorry!!

I didn't eat your homemade cookie, but I'm so sorry for not making a blog post yesterday! Please forgive me :'( I was being lazy and sick that I couldn't even post a few sentences up.

Well, my cold is almost gone and I feel a lot better than I did the past couple days. So grateful for medicine... and tissues ^_^. So how has my wonderful viewers been doing?? I'm okay, I still haven't eaten breakfast and it is already 11:15am! These bad habits of mine... my laziness is in full effect.

Yesterday, for a couple hours, I was looking for a Christmas song/carol to sing for my church. I had my best friend help me make the list smaller; I couldn't have done it better without her. :') I picked four songs from Hayley Westenra's Winter Magic album; who knew she had a Christmas album?! Well, I guess all artists do... anyways! Here are the songs I picked (I still have to pick one song from this list):

  • Silent Night
  • Carol of the Bells
  • The Little Road of Bethlehem
  • Peace Shall Come

You can listen to the album here:

While I was looking for Christmas songs to sing, my parents were out getting groceries. When they came back home, they had gotten me a cute, furry pair of pajama bottoms! They are light green with white polka dots; I really fell in love with them. My mom got a black leopard printed one; she says that she got me the green one because it looked more "youthful". "You are youth so you get this one" was what my mom said. I just laughed lol.

Sorry if the picture is blurry!

Okay, so I have to tell you about one of my favorite music videos! It is so unique, brilliant, and just so cool! It has pretty music, a pretty girl, and jellybeans!! Yes, the whole animation of this music video is made entirely out of jellybean art. It is done picture by picture and it took over two years to make the video. Isn't that just amazing?! *_* I will post the video up and put in the link for the making of the video below. Hope you enjoy!

Oh and PS,

I will make a Thanksgiving post sometime this week so please look out for it! Thanks ^_~

Much love,

Anzu xxx

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