Monday, November 7, 2011

New Week!

Hi everyone,

A very weird picture of me.. with my eyes open this time! =D

How are you guys doing? I'm doing pretty good, my life is quiet and here is another blog post! It is 2:47pm as I write this entry and eat a handful of Craisins. Craisins are actually supposed to be really healthy for you being a fat free snack and all. But there are tons of sugar added to them, 33 grams per serving! Hahah I'm just reading the label.. talking about "the sweetest way to eat a cranberry". Here I am criticizing Craisins even though I'm eating and enjoying them. I'm known to complain a lot. Heheh ^_~

I am so bored right now, it's kind of weird that I always write these blog posts around three in the afternoon. I don't think it's a bad habit though.. talking about habits! I will tell you a couple of my habits; good and bad.

One good habit? I always flush the toilet? Hahaha t.m.i Anzu.. okay one good habit. I'd have to say is.. whenever I eat, I chew my food with my mouth close. It used to annoy me that my mom always chewed her food with her mouth open. It was kind of unpleasant lol.. I even tried to get her to stop. But she always ignored my comments and so eventually I ignored that bad habit of hers.

Okay I have A LOT of bad habits lmao. I will name a few.. I never change out of my pajamas in the morning since I'm home schooled. I'm actually in them right now... sigh lol. I always tease my dogs by hiding their toys and they run all over the house panicking. They never stop playing!! Unless you ignore them.. but I'll save that for another time hahah. The last bad habit is I always leave my clothes all over my room; trust me, my room is a total disaster! See, I'm a normal person! Hehe..

Hmm let's see, what else do I like to do? I love making masks, as in facial masks. I'm a real girly girl sometimes.. I like to try all kinds. I usually get the ideas from YouTube gurus such as Bubzbeauty (<3) and Michelle Phan. I usually make these masks for my acne (you can't see in my pictures =P) or uneven skin tone. I've learned a lot from YouTube actually hahah.

My favorite masks are:

  • Aspirin Mask (MichellePhan)
  • Yogurt Oatmeal Mask (Bubzbeauty)
  • Carrot Yogurt Mask (Mine)

The last mask sounds really... unusual huh? That is one I made up myself! It does wonders with my skin! A-ma-zing!! If you need any of the recipes, comment below. I'll post them up in my next post! =) These facials do wonders! I like to use a couple of the store bought ones when I'm too lazy.

I love both MichellePhan's and Bubzbeauty's DIY mask videos because they are so helpful and they provide good information about the ingredients you are supposed to use in each mask! Here is a video for a Yogurt Oatmeal Mask from Bubzbeauty! It's an older video, but it's still just as good! -^_^-

Take care everyone,

Much love,

Anzu xx

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