Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Favorite Candy

I did it again didn't I...

I'm sorry again everyone; I guess I'll just be submitting posts every couple days. You don't mind do you? I still don't know if anyone is really that interested in my posts anyways...but don't worry, I'll still keep blogging! I can be so depressing sometimes huh? Lol.. don't feel bad!!

So the topic for this blog post will be about one of my favorites! I have already told you so many. The list goes on, but I'll just list what I've mentioned so far.

Anzu's Favorites
  1. Pianist
  2. Dancer
  3. Singer
  4. YouTube Singer
  5. YouTube comedian
  6. Creative music video
  7. Kpop group
  8. Korean Hip Hop Artist
  9. Anime
  10. Pets <3
  11. Role model

Pretty good so far right? Well, the "favorite" that we'll be talking about today is my favorite candy. Yum, who doesn't love candy? I think some people just don't eat it because 1) It's unhealthy and 2) It makes you fat :P. Did I hit the nail on the head? If I didn't, please list the other reasons that people have in the comment box below! Lol so... my favorite candies are usually chocolate. Ugh, I just don't know why! They do say chocolate is a girl's best friend, and I am seriously like most girls so I guess the puzzle pieces fit! Actually ice cream is my best friend.. but let's save that for another time hahah.

Favorite Candy:

1) Kit Kat

I love and adore these, ever since I was a little girl! Well, I'm still a little girl, but hahah you know what I mean! ^_~ I can eat these all day long.

2) Whoppers

If I got a big jar of Whoppers for Christmas I'd be SO happy!! T_T My dad thinks these are just gross; he even made the "bleck" sound lol! But, everyone, you just HAVE to know that I like love Whoppers. I should have put Whoppers for number #1 huh? Oh well...

3) Heath Bar

These are my favorite too! With the chocolate coating and the crunchy sweet toffee inside. Mmmm I looove these. I remember, in 4th and 5th grade, one of my friends named Madison would always bring these in her lunch. I never knew what they were or what they tasted like; so Madison let me try them. Fell. In. Love. I'm so grateful for meeting her lol... not just because of the Heath bars! At first I always called them "Health" bars because I never knew there was no "l" in the word!

So those are my top 3 favorite candies! And yes, they all consist of chocolate. I'm a girl, I just can't resist lol. Even though they do bad deeds for my acne T_T. Did you know that you can make a facial mask out of Chocolate? Yes you can! -^_^- (Idea is from Bubzbeauty, I will post up the video at the end.)

It may be bad to consume because of the stuff added into it, but if you just use the plain cocoa it is actually good for you! But, yes, the cocoa would taste bitter with nothing in it; that's the only down part. So, instead of consuming it, why don't you use it in a facial mask? There are many different antioxidants in chocolate! The chocolate masks in the store are really expensive so you can make your own! You wouldn't believe how many stuff you can use to make your own DIY masks.

So this time, I have only one topic for you; I hoped you enjoy it though! It was fun to type about something so heavenly delicious. <3 Here is the video tutorial on how to make your own Homemade DIY Chocolate Mask. Have fun with it!

Take care!

Much Love,

Anzu xxx

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