Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm back everyone!

My conference meeting with my teacher went well yesterday--- thank God. I was rushing and getting work done throughout the weekend, and my parents brought my grandparents down from Los Angeles on Saturday. So it was a very busy 3 days (including Monday); I'm sorry I couldn't blog during the weekend! My grandparents are staying over at our place for a week because it's going to be Thanksgiving on Thursday! Yeyyy! It'll also be my grandpa's birthday too. Happy birthday!

It is currently 10:41am as I do some school work, write a blog entry, and read some manga. The manga is Yaoi and it is called Electric Hands.. it's actually an okay manga so far. Cute in some places, but overflowing with the cheesy filling. Not actual cheese lol its a metaphor.. I think? Hahaha.... Anyways!

How are you guys planning to spend your Thanksgiving? For those who don't know what Thanksgiving is, originally it was a time to gather around and thank God for all He's done and the feasting was for celebration. My family still thinks that way, but some families are just thankful for other things and look forward to the food. It just depends. ^_^ Ever heard of the Pilgrims and the American Indians? That's where it all started; I will post a link to a website that will give you some brief information.


I'm always a junkie for wikipedia; that's where I usually get my essays' info. Shhh...

Cute picture.. I've always loved Snoopy.

Usually, when you see Thanksgiving on tv, it includes a big family and a grand feast. It's not that way for everyone.. some people are alone and some people can't afford all that food.  I'm lucky enough to have a family surrounding me and a turkey or ham on the table each Thanksgiving. But even though some people can't have that, they are always smiling and grateful for what they have. That's a part of Thanksgiving; being joyous and thankful for the year so far. I know some people have heard this a million times, but everyday should be a Happy Thanksgiving. I'm not talking about the food, but about the attitude. I hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Hahahaha I was looking for a Thanksgiving themed video on YouTube and I came across a MichellePhan video with her using hot chocolate as bronzer for her face. Lool! Then I watched some beauty tutorial bloopers and watched her bunny run across the house. I like really want a bunny now.....

Michelle in her Lady Gaga cosplay tutorial.


Sorry I had to step away from my net book for a few minutes. My grandma wanted to read some magazines, and we have TONS of them. Our house is cluttered with them, so I got all the architecture, cooking, art, and garden magazines we had. It was a lot so yes, I'm a little out of it today hehe. Sorry about that!


How are you guys? Here I am, talking all about myself, and I haven't even asked how you guys are?! I'm so selfish!! Okay calm down Anzu, calm down....... =_=

We're having a turkey for Thanksgiving this year; you have the option of getting a ham or turkey. I personally want a turkey because for some reason it feels more Thanksgiving... ish? I'm really hard to understand today, I know. Fail. Hope you enjoyed this blog post entry though! I'm just all over the place today! I just need to get into gear again. I will not fail you lol! Here is the wonderful Thanksgiving video!


The video's a little long but I hope you like it!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Much love, Anzu xx

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