Friday, November 4, 2011

My First Blog

Hi guys! This is my first blog ever and I know it sounds selfish, but it's about my everyday life. I kept thinking and researching over and over again trying to pick out the topic for my first blog. So then I thought, why not start with something simple? No one knows about my life more than I do. ^_^ I know a lot of people wouldn't be interested, but follow along! If you want to suggest something, go ahead! I'll take all your suggestions on how to make this a better blog. Please guide me through this everyone! I'm guessing you guys will probably want to know more about me. I'll just set a picture out, trusting that none of you guys are stalkers or perverts ^_~

Hahah I'm really Asian huh? Yes, I'm Chinese but I live in the US. I love to sing, dance, act, and sometimes draw. I like to swim too, but I only get to do that during the summer :'(. I loove watching anime and reading manga, as you can see I like using emoticons too. Hehe... I guess I could have blogged about that too, but I'll just see how far this blog goes! I like going on YouTube, but I never make any videos. I usually just comment on them or watch them. My role model is Bubzbeauty, I just adore her! Check her channel out and her website. >_<

I feel really bad now that I'm just talking about myself. Well, I did choose to do this... nnnghh. -_- Back to myself again... well I play one instrument. The piano! :D Well, I'm self taught and I don't really think I can play very well, but hahah I try my hardest. Practice makes perfect! My inspiration for piano playing is Joe Hisaishi. He is a really great pianist, he is so talented. Watch the video down below, this is the first video I saw of him playing. It literally blew me away, he has so much emotion. It's amazing.

I hope you guys liked my first post! Please follow if you like what you see or just want to see what's coming up next. The first few posts will be more about me and what I like to do and who inspires me and what not. Later on it'll just be focused on what I'm doing every day. My life is pretty boring though so help me with ideas and I might blog about something different every once in awhile. Thanks! ^^

Much love,

Anz x

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