Friday, November 25, 2011


Hello gorgeous ones!

Shopping. A girl's competitive "sport". My best friend has always considered it one because it requires a lot of exercise lol. I've always loved shopping, but on the other hand, my mom hates it. She doesn't really like spending money on herself unless she has to. Whenever we get her a birthday, Christmas, or Mother's Day present, she would always get a little mad and a little happy. ^_^

The topic of "shopping" came up because today is Black Friday! Where people shop around the middle of the night to early in the morning. Some people will do whatever it takes to get the best deals. My grandma can't understand why they would want to do such a thing. I mean, I love shopping and all, but I would rather get some sleep. I wish it was more convenient (not having the sales end at 5AM)... I needed to get a lot of stuff. Sigh..

So how was your grand Thanksgiving? Mine was wonderful! We had tons of food.. not that I'm going to brag hahah. We had a friend over too so it was fun. We were watching TV throughout the day; we were watching a series called The Next Great Baker on the TLC channel. It was interesting and it had a lot of drama, it's to be expected on TLC I guess. Afterwards we watched the newest movie of Transformers. I just don't like the new girlfriend! I wish they didn't fire Megan Fox for whatever she did.. I like her a lot better in my opinion.

It is 7:38PM as I type out this blog post; a little late I know. Usually I'd be writing in the morning or early noon. I'm glad that I made it though; I was feeling kind of lazy. =P So, back to the blog. A topic I thought I could write about is what kind of makeup and brushes I use.

Yes, I use the brand Bare Minerals! I have the starter kit and it includes Bare Minerals golden medium SPF 15 Foundation, medium warmth all-over the face color, medium original mineral veil, full flawless face brush, flawless application face brush, maximum coverage concealer brush, a How-To DVD, and a full size brush conditioning shampoo. I LOVE Bare Minerals; no one even realizes I have makeup on. It looks and is totally natural, I'd give it a 4 out of 5 stars. I got the kit on sale, I was so lucky! I just happened to be passing by and looked around in the store. It is $60 for a $174 value. I will list their website down below.

I'm actually not really that interested in the brand names of the products I use. As long as they do a good job, and Bare Minerals just happens to do so. I use a Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer for combination skin before I put on any makeup. I use Maybelline New York Cover Stick for maximum coverage for my acne and other blemishes. It does an okay job. ^_^

I rarely use anything else for makeup; if I did, I'd use some lip balm, lipstick, or lip gloss. I don't like my lips smothered. I don't use that much eyeshadow other than a neutral brown palette and I use the dark brown shadow as an eyeliner. If I were to ever wear mascara, I'd use a clear coat. As you have probably noticed, I like to keep things natural.

Natural Beauty <3

Would you guys like to know another one of my YouTube favorites? His name is Sungha Jung; he is 15 years old and a very talented finger guitarist! He is Korean and from South Korea. Sungha already has 2 albums out.. I love him and his dog lol! Please check out his channel! He's amazing and has been playing since very young.

Before you even start the video, his eyes are closed. xD

Hope you enjoyed this post! The video above is Sunga Jung doing a cover of West Sky by Seung Cheol Lee. He barely ever smiles and looks off into space while he's playing, but hahah that's what makes him cute ^_~ Goodnight world.

Much Love, Anzu xx

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